Transit Enquiries

Q 1. Which is the best mode of transport to reach Osho Gangadham ?

Ans 1. You could take a busi from Haridwar to Rishikesh bus stand then taxi from Rishikesh bus stand  to Brahmpuri, which is located approx. 10 km form Bus stand and 4 km from Laxmanjhula on Badrinath road.

Q 2. How much does the taxi fare cost from Haridwar/Dehradoon Airport to Rishikesh & from Rishikesh bus stand to Ashram?

Ans 2. The approx. taxi fare from Haridwar/Dehradoon Airport to Ashram would cost Rs.900/- and from Rishikesh bus stand to Ashram it would cost Rs. 400/-.

Q 3. How long does it take to reach from Haridwar//Dehradoon Airport to Ashram & from Rishikesh to Ashram?

Ans 3. If you hire a taxi from Haridwar//Dehradoon Airport to Ashram it would  take approx. 50 minutes & from Rishikesh to Ashram it would take approx. 20 minutes.

Q 4. Do we make taxi arrangements for pickup / drop?

Ans 4. Yes we do make arrangements provided we are intimated in advance.

Q 5. Do we arrange for railway / bus ticket bookings?

Ans 5. Yes we do arrange for ticket bookings through third party agents in Rishikesh (not affiliated to the Ashram) and they find the tickets depending on the availability.


Accommodation & Food facilities

Q 1. What are the accommodation facilities available in the Ashram ?

Ans 1. We have dormitories, rooms without attached washrooms, rooms with attached washrooms  and deluxe rooms with air conditioning.

Q 2. What is the type of food that we serve in the Ashram ?

Ans 2. We serve three times pure vegetarian (satvik) meals cooked in the Ashram kitchen.

Q 3. Does the accommodation charges include food also ?

Ans 3. Yes, the charges include food too.

Q 4. Do seekers book in advance for accommodation ?

Ans 4. For accommodation in rooms, one has to book in advance or intimate us at least a  day prior  to their arrival at the Ashram. Sometimes, walk-ins may be entertained if accommodation is available but we can’t guarantee accommodation for walk-ins. So, we always advise to call us in advance to guarantee accommodation for you.

Q 5. Is the house keeping for rooms done on a daily basis or as & when requested ?

Ans 5. Yes, the house keeping is done daily or as & when requested.

Q 6. Do we provide a laundry facility in the Ashram ?

Ans 6. Yes, we do provide laundry facility which is chargeable.

Q 7. What is the accommodation capacity of the Ashram?

Ans 7. We can accommodate around 100 guest in the Ashram.


Dress Code

Q 1. Is it mandatory to wear robes in the Ashram premises?

Ans 1. It is desirable to wear robes when you participate in meditations that are conducted in the meditation hall.

Q 2. Is it possible to purchase/rent robes at the Ashram?

Ans 2. Yes


Activity Information

Q 1. What are the different activities that we conduct at the Ashram ?

Ans 1. We conduct four different meditations on a daily basis throughout the year (in case there is no event/retreat/camp).

We also conduct workshops and intense groups which helps one go deeper within one self.

Q 2. From where could participants get information about  forth coming event/retreat/camp?

Ans 2. We do advertise our forth coming activities on our facebook page Oshogangadham Page – Events –

You could also visit us  at our website or write to us at

Q 3. Do we arrange for massage, healing therapies and counselling ?

Ans 3. Yes.

Q 4. Is it possible to purchase meditation CD’s, photos and OSHO books in the ashram?

Ans 4.  Yes (if available).

Mode of Payment

Q 1. What is the payment mode accepted in  the Ashram?

Ans 1. We accept only cash payments or participants could directly transfer funds to our account.

Q 2. Do we accept debit/credit card payments?

Ans 2. Yes very soon through our online registration or donation tool on the website

Q 3. Is it possible to make online payments for room bookings/enrollments ?

Ans 3. Yes, same as above