Osho Philosophy

Osho philosophy is based on the three C’s, namely, consciousness, compassion & creativity. He was of the opinion that, a person who is capable of developing these three qualities can possess the quality of depth. Most of us keep ourselves away from creativity. According to Osho, there are basically four things that restrict creative living. These are self consciousness, intellectual level, belief and perfectionism. Read on to know more about the philosophies of Zen master Osho.

Osho’s Teachings Osho placed high importance to love, laughter and meditation. He said that, these three aspects of life are the most precious and should be valued by all. He stressed on the need to gain enlightenment and for achieving it, he asked people to inculcate the habit of watching their mind. Don’t keep your mind ideal. Osho preached people to widen their horizon of creativity and block the way for any kind of hindrances. He recommended a few suggestions to unlock the gateway of creativity, which are as follows:

  • Live your childhood again by becoming a child.
  • It is good to be kiddish at times.
  • Learn with an open mind.
  • Always keep yourself open for learning.
  • Don’t go searching for Nirvana outside.
  • Try to find it in the ordinary.
  • Be a dreamer.